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Family Season, The Ark

Up to Speed (Rosalind Sydney, UK): 8 - 9 Oct, The Ark

'Up to Speed' comes to The Ark October 8th & 9th 2015, as part of our Family Season.

'Tremendous' ★★★★ - The Herald

Barnaby is completely off the wall! Jade likes to be in control. But today Barnaby hasn’t turned up for school, And it looks like Jade’s got some explaining to do...

Have you ever met a person who is a little unusual? Someone whose mind seems to work a bit differently? Who surprises you? Who is funny and also fun to laugh at? That’s what Barnaby is like.

Jade has marvelled and laughed at him, been surprised and confused by him. But he has also made her feel small. And she knows exactly how to get him back.

Up to Speed is a funny, moving and captivating tale about a boy and a girl and the mysteries of the universe!

Ages 8+

Cast and Creative Team:

  • Created by Rosalind Sydney and Laurie Brown
  • Cast: Laurie Brown and Gemma McElhinney
  • Set and Costume Design: Claire Halleran
  • Sound Design: Danny Krass
  • Movement Director: Janice Parker
  • Voiceover: Simon Donaldson

Commissioned by Imaginate 2014. Produced in association with Platform.

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