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The Game | Project Arts Centre | Oct 6 - 11

'The Game' from THEATREclub comes to the Project Arts Centre October 6th to October 11th 2015.

'An infuriatingly young company with only slightly less energy than the national power grid.' - The Irish Times

The Game is a new work by THEATREclub, exploring the act of buying sex and the subculture of prostitution; its rules, its language and its power structures. It is a play that’s also a real-life game, with levels and consequences.

Five new men have volunteered each night. These men have never played ‘The Game’ before. They’ve no idea what they’re about to do, they won’t be given a script. They are doing this to be part of an event – a symbolic act – that calls us all to consider, to think and to review.

All you have to do is watch.

The Game will give audiences an insight into a world that sits uncomfortably beneath the surface of our day-to-day lives. How we legislate makes a statement about our values. The legal status of prostitution is a measure of our society. Laws around the world are changing. We’re all affected by those changes. Come and see why.

Contains strong language, nudity and material that some may find disturbing.

Cast and Creative Team:

  • Devised by Gemma Collins, Grace Dyas, Lauren Larkin
  • With: Rachel Moran, Mia De Faoite and women who have exited prostitution and current sex workers

Supported by Mermaid Arts Centre. THEATREclub are part of PROJECT ARTISTS, an initiative of Project Arts Centre. Funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award.


★★★★ 'a work that is brave, horrific and urgent' -The Irish Times

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