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"Raising one foot and bringing it down somewhere else"

Eight European festivals have joined forces to stimulate the co-production and transnational circulation of new works by the great European artists of tomorrow and in so doing to encourage the artistic renewal of the contemporary performing arts in Europe.

The artists we want to support through this collaboration have already demonstrated their potential in their first artistic works. Now they are ready to take an important next step in their careers, taking on projects on a larger scale that will circulate in Europe and reach a wider audience.

The NXTSTP network co-produces the creation of new works, giving artists valuable financial support. The works are presented in different festivals, ensuring a real transnational circulation and a high visibility amongst international audiences. In addition, the festivals offer artists’ residencies to emerging European and non-European artists, providing further means to advance the performing arts scene in Europe.

The first term of NXTSTP ran from 2007 to 2012. Dublin Theatre Festival joined the network for its second edition, which began in November 2012, supported by an award of funding for five years from the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 featured two NXTSTP projects: Germinal by Halory Goeger and Antoine Defoort (France) and Tiago Rodrigues’Three Fingers Below the Knee, produced by Mundo Perfeito (Portugal). In 2014 we presented four NXTSTP projects - three works from Belgium (notallwhowanderarelost, Perhaps all the dragons and Book Burning) as well as the first Irish project in the network, Pan Pan Theatre's The Seagull and Other Birds.

In 2015 we presented three NXTSTP projects - Chekhov's First Play by Dead Centre (Ireland), The Cherry Orchard by tg STAN (Belgium) and Corps Diplomatique by Halory Goerger (France), and last year we presented Guerrilla by El Conde de Torrefiel (Spain) and Zvizdal (Chernobyl - so far so close) by BERLIN (Belgium).



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