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National Campaign for the Arts

The National Campaign for the Arts ensures the arts are on local and national government agendas and recognised as a vital part of contemporary Irish life.

Who is involved?
The National Campaign for the Arts was established in September 2009. Its membership is a broad and inclusive coalition of people and organisations working in the arts, which includes major festivals, venues, producers and representative organisations in visual arts, theatre, film, dance, music, literature, architecture and collaborative arts. 

What are the aims?

  • To be a voice for the arts in Ireland, communicating the value of the arts and campaigning for continued and increased engagement with and investment in the arts
  • To work with others to ensure Ireland values all those who work in the arts and provides a fertile and supportive environment for artists
  • To work with others to enable the arts to make the fullest possible contribution to Irish society and its future
  • To capture more fully the value of the arts in Ireland, working hand in hand with the arts sector, artists, the public, and Government
  • To work with others to build an evidence base that will inform policy and allow the arts to innovate and reach a wider audience
  • To build a deeper understanding of the mutual values of the arts and education and seek achievable means to embed the arts in education, working closely with educational partners

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