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Fishamble: The New Play Company — Before by Pat Kinevane
 Photo © Gerard Blanch
From the Olivier Award winning team of writer/ performer Pat Kinevane, director Jim Culleton and composer Denis Clohessy.
Following the huge international success of Fishamble’s trilogy — Forgotten, Silent and UnderneathBefore is a new play with much music, set in Clery’s, on the day this iconic department store shuts —for good.
Pontius is inside, trying to choose a gift for his estranged daughter. This father’s journey is both beautiful and strange, from the isolation of his Midlands
home, to the madness of O’Connell Street.  Some folk are impossible to buy for…
Supported by National Theatre Studio (London), Pavilion Theatre, The Strollers Touring Network and the Arts Council.

Venue: Project Arts Centre (Space Upstairs)
Date: 5 Oct, 1pm


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